Mornington Community 65+ Lunch

Before the pandemic, Functioning Together identified that the large aging population on the Mornington Peninsula includes a high percentage of residents living on their own, and social isolation has been identified as a concern that needs to be addressed.

Event Type

Not for profit community event


RSL, Mornington


  • Address the social isolation issue faced by many local residents aged 65+
  • Introduce an opportunity for local residents aged 65+ to enjoy a lovely free lunch with some light entertainment, at no cost
  • Utilise local suppliers
  • Source sufficient sponsorship to cover the costs of the Lunch

Many local residents aged 65+ being are socially isolated through physical location, being new to the region, having limited funds, or having a small social circle. A proposal was put forward to the Mornington Community Information and Support Centre (MCISC) for them to introduce a Mornington Community 65+ Lunch, organised and managed at no cost by Functioning Together. The first Lunch was due to be held just as the pandemic started, so it unfortunately had to be delayed for nearly two years.

The Lunch was held on 30 March 2022 at the Mornington RSL. Functioning Together made all the arrangements for the lunch, including booking the venue, sourcing sponsorship, coordinating volunteers, organising the bookings, sourcing local suppliers and entertainment, preparing marketing material, and managing the budget.

The Lunch was a huge success, enjoyed by many of our local elderly residents, and two lucky guests won lucky door prizes. All the goals were met and MCISC were very pleased with the results.


‘We are so grateful for Paula’s support of our organisation and for her commitment to helping those in our community that are vulnerable and less fortunate than most. She is always coming up new ideas about how we can better serve our local community.’
Stuart Davis-Meehan, Manager, Mornington Community Information and Support Centre