Rosebud KiteFest

The Rosebud Chamber of Commerce engaged Functioning Together to take over managing the Rosebud KiteFest.  The Chamber were concerned the event had outgrown its normal space at the Rosebud Foreshore and wanted to expand to include the Village Green.

Event Type

Community event


Rosebud Foreshore


  • Provide the local community with an affordable and family friendly event
  • Support local suppliers and businesses
  • Increase the footprint of the event across the Rosebud foreshore and Village Green

Functioning Together worked closely with the Chamber to bring their vision to life.  It was a huge logistical task, including sourcing and booking stallholders, activities, & entertainment, preparing and submitting permit and funding documentation, inviting kite flyers to participate, sourcing suppliers, planning the layout, developing emergency plan, conducting a risk assessment, preparing a risk management plan, creating marketing material, creating a program, promoting the event, coordinating volunteers, setting up the event, packing down, conducting a post event evaluation, and conduction a debrief.

The Rosebud KiteFest was a great success with about 15,000 attendees, and all goals were met, and the Chamber were very pleased with the outcome.


‘We contracted Functioning Together to run the event for us, it was a huge success and Paula was great to work with. The event was well run and, as volunteers for the Rosebud Chamber of Commerce, Paula made our jobs so much easier, we could not have run it without her and her team.’
Julie Nolo, Rosebud Chamber of Commerce