Virtual Essestone Product Launch

The product launch of the e-stone™ was initially delayed due to COVID lockdowns, so Essestone decided to take the launch virtual.

Event Type

Product launch




  • Create a database of Funeral Industry members
  • Invite as many Funeral Industry members as possible to attend the event
  • Setup the virtual event
  • Help make the event look and feel professional and seamless
  • Manage the virtual event on the day

Functioning Together was engaged towards the end of the planning stages of the event and helped pull everything together to deliver a successful virtual event.

Research was conducted to create a database of funeral industry contacts, which was then used to send out invitations to the event.

The event was held on Zoom, and bookings were setup through TryBooking. During the event, Functioning Together conducted a poll of the guests, and the results and data captured from the event were shared with Essestone afterwards.

Essestone were very happy with the launch of the e-stone™ and the recording and contacts are being utilised for future promotions.

‘When you have a ‘Paula’ working with you toward an event – success is guaranteed!’
Vanessa Lees-Amato, Essestone