Functioning Together works with businesses and organisations to bring their live and virtual events to life, with a focus on achieving business and strategic planning goals.

Planning events involves lengthy and sometimes complex processes that require detailed planning and liaison with many suppliers, organisations, governing bodies, stakeholders, and local authorities. Engaging Functioning Together to handle all these elements allows businesses and organisations to focus on their core duties and operations.


  • Discuss ideas
  • Determine budget
  • Develop concept
  • Goal setting

Strategic Planning

  • Event strategy development
  • Timeline creation
  • Determine success measures

Budget Management

  • Budget preparation
  • Estimation of costs
  • Quote comparisons
  • Recording of actual costs

Event Design

  • Event d├ęcor
  • Floorplan design
  • Guest registration
  • Schedule development
  • AV requirements


  • Quote sourcing
  • Contract management
  • Proof of insurance, vaccination, etc
  • Delivery schedule
  • Contract negotiation
  • Order of events


  • Setup registration
  • Manage registration
  • Communication management

Sponsorship and Donations

  • Assess event sponsorship and donation prospects
  • Prepare sponsorship package
  • Approach prospective sponsors and donors
  • Manage sponsors and donors
  • Provide sponsors with relevant inclusions
  • Organise collection of donations
  • Organise invoicing for sponsors

Volunteer Management

  • Prepare volunteer paperwork and position descriptions
  • Source volunteers
  • Brief volunteers
  • Manage volunteers

Graphic Design

  • Event brand design
  • Creation of marketing material
  • Event signage
  • Website design

Event Marketing

  • Brand awareness
  • Development of marketing schedule
  • Digital marketing
  • Print media
  • Marketing communications
  • Media


  • Setup event
  • Manage volunteers
  • Monitor event


  • Event analysis
  • Post event feedback
  • Successes measured
  • Preparation of report